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I'm a skilled communicator and a results-driven researcher with an ever-growing curiosity. I've been in digital and print content creation for the last three years, and I've got a diverse body of work to show for it. Writing affords me the invaluable opportunity to meet passionate people, explore interesting places and share little-known stories with the world. I love what I do, and I trust you will too.


#TravelTuesday | Eco-Tourism on Tybee Island, GA

If outdoor adventure, hands-on learning, island leisure and giving back are the makings of a good trip to you, Tybee Island should definitely be on your travel wish list for 2018.
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Eight is Great: Neon Desert Music Festival Is Back

The wait is over. Neon Desert Music Festival is scheduled to hit Downtown El Paso over Memorial Day weekend on May 27 – 28. Neon Desert is the Southwest’s premier music festival, the roots of which date back to 2009. Over time, local production groups, community organizers and sponsors came together to build up an electrifying music fest in the heart of Chuco Town.
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Four Reasons You’ve Got to Visit Tybee in 2018

2017 was a big year for Savannah’s beach, and 2018 is set to be just as great. Life is always good on the island, so if you haven’t taken a trip to Tybee in the past, be sure to include it on your list of New Year’s resolutions. Between our natural beauty, our festive spirit and our friendly locals, Tybee is a great option for your beach getaway in 2018.

New Year’s on Tybee Island

If you don’t know much about Savannah’s beach, Tybee Island, the New Year presents a timely opportunity to get acquainted with this special isle. Tybee isn’t your typical languid beach community; we know how to get festive! The island really sparkles and shines throughout the entire holiday season, but Tybee’s New Year’s celebration is the pinnacle of parties in the Southeast region.

Christmas Cheer in the Coastal Empire

Remember the feeling of wonder and excitement that the Christmas season once inspired in your young heart as a child? The scents of pine trees and gingerbread cookies. The chipper music and glittering lights. The stuffed stockings and pretty presents. Children grow to love wintertime iconography and all of the fanciful traditions that come with it.

#TravelTuesday | History, Hot Springs and Hiking in Truth or Consequences

In New Mexico, Truth or Consequences’ striking mountainous backdrop makes it a great option for a quick day trip as you traverse the Southwest. In 1950, the now-defunct TV game show Truth or Consequences was celebrating its 10th anniversary, and host Ralph Edwards announced that the show would air the Truth or Consequences anniversary broadcast from the first city to adopt its name.
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Tybee Business Spotlight: Seaside Sisters

Known as ‘the best little shore shop on Tybee,’ Seaside Sisters is truly a unique gem for all things gift on the island. With a diverse collection of quaint and custom art, accessories, home décor and more, this blissful beach shop is the place to find local and original coastal gifts for you and yours.
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Thrilling Things to Do This Halloween

For kids throughout the country, Halloween marks the sweet start to the holiday season. Defined by costumes and candy, this kooky, creepy celebration is a fun time for communities to host haunted houses, decorate jack-o-lanterns and of course, dispense candy. Tybee Island is hosting a number of Halloween fests around the island this weekend.
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Tybee Business Spotlight: Hotel Tybee

Steeped in a rich history that dates back to 1889, Hotel Tybee stands today as a testament to the past and a tribute to unadulterated relaxation. Though the original edifice was destroyed by fire, the Hotel Tybee that guests know and love today is well-equipped to carry on the site’s longstanding tradition with grace and style.
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House Party at Club Here I Love You

Alex and Joe Nava of the Late Night Social Club (promoter/DJ Crew) are shaking up the local music scene once again. Their latest venture, Club Here I Love You, opened its doors on March 27 as a hub for EDM enthusiasts looking for a house to call home. Inspired by venues like The Hacienda, The Sub Club and The Loft, among others, the Navas wanted to create a place that paid homage to the pivotal figures in the spread of underground dance music.
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Kid’s Kolumn: Keep Kids Creative Week

Monday marked the beginning of a little-known 7-day celebration. Started in 2003 by artist Bruce Van Patter, Keep Kids Creative Week encourages communities, schools and families to support innovation and exploration among their youth. In today’s increasingly high-tech world, there are plenty of opportunities to get creative – think coding, robotics and the like.
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Four Fests to Look Forward to in October

Hurricane season definitely put up a fight, but Tybee Island is still carrying right along. Our island dwellers are a hardy bunch, and everyone is looking forward to another fantastic fall on the island, complete with the fun and festivity that is emblematic of life on Tybee. You would think that things would start slowing down after island prime time, which, of course, is the summer, but nothing could be farther from the truth.
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I'm originally from Savannah, GA, but I relocate here and there as military folks often do. I recently married an active duty infantry officer, and I serve in the Reserves as an HR officer as well. Aside from the army life as an army wife, I am totally driven by an affinity for composition. I value the writing craft because it is an essentiality of human communication. I incorporate my appreciation for rhetoric into my professional work and am avidly looking for opportunities that allow me to continue to do so. I have experience in technical editing and proofreading as well as freelance journalism and blogging. My overall goal in all of my efforts is to continue to learn and improve upon myself, and it's happening everyday.

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