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I'm a skilled communicator and a results-driven researcher with an ever-growing curiosity. I've been in digital and print content creation for the last three years, and I've got a diverse body of work to show for it. Writing affords me the invaluable opportunity to meet passionate people, explore interesting places and share little-known stories with the world. I love what I do, and I trust you will too.


Guide to the 2017 Savannah Gourmet Seafood & Spirits Festival

Of course, no one ever needs an excuse to take a quick trip to Savannah. The striking beauty, the extensive history and the quintessential Southern charm are reason enough. So, the words that follow constitute a noncore argument. Still, if you happen to need some sort of pretext to make your way down to the Hostess City in the coming weeks, the Savannah Harbor Foundation has the perfect opportunity.
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Your Guide to St. Patrick’s Day

March is a month marked by longer days, warmer winds and the world’s greatest green celebration. Let’s be honest, we can all use a little luck o’ the Irish right about now, so we’re all the more fortunate that March is finally here. While Savannah is heralded for the third-largest St. Patrick’s Day parade in the nation, there’s no shortage of St.
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Important Savannah Sites to Visit This Black History Month

Every February, we take the time to commemorate the myriad contributions of African Americans to our own diverse nation. There are several sites all around the country to recognize, explore and celebrate Black history, and Savannah, GA is certainly one of them. As one of the oldest cities in America, Savannah’s storied past is one of strife and survival, of friction and freedom.
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Your Ultimate Guide to Savannah Restaurant Week

Calling all foodies: your chance to enjoy the best of the Hostess City’s culinary scene without breaking the bank is almost here. Savannah Restaurant Week is a week’s worth of prix fixe perfection. Now to February 5, 25 of Savannah’s most premier restaurants will serve patrons delectable three-course meals for the fabulously frugal price of $30 per person.
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Celebrate the Cinema at the Savannah Film Festival

One of Savannah’s best fests of the fall season is fast approaching, and you definitely don’t want to miss it. The Savannah College of Art and Design’s annual Savannah Film Festival is a week-long celebration of cinematic creativity. This year’s fest will take place October 22-29, and features the very best in motion picture from talented SCAD students and nationally-acclaimed filmmakers.
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5 Spooky Savannah Tours That Will Definitely Give You Nightmares

October is finally here, which means Halloween season is in full swing. What better way to celebrate this spooky time of year than with an ultimate fright fest in America’s most haunted city? Savannah’s ghost tours are unlike any you’ve ever experienced. If you’re not afraid of a little paranormal activity, add these terrifying tours to your itinerary this season.
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Betcha Didn’t Know These 5 Facts About River Street

Part of Savannah’s iconic Southern charm is the city’s mystery. Savannah’s secrets are many, and there’s always more to uncover in this hauntingly beautiful historic hub. Although there’s much to learn in every sector of the city, quite a few unknown facts surround Savannah’s famous River Street.
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A Closer Look at the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum

Savannah is revered by the nation for her rich and multifaceted history. Integral to the threads of Savannah’s legacy are the contributions of the African American residents who spent generations working towards equality in the region. Named for the pioneer of Savannah’s own grassroots movement, the Ralph Mark Gilbert Civil Rights Museum celebrates the strides made by Savannah’s most marginalized populations with a moving collection of exhibits and presentations.
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Hidden Gem: Davenport House Museum

Travelers from across the nation flock to Savannah every year to marvel at Savannah’s notable Historic District. Important sites on the beaten path – like River Street, the squares and the Juliette Gordon Low Birthplace – receive a lot of traffic; however, there are quite a few lesser known locales offering authentic historical encounters that are definitely worth your time.
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What To Do This Labor Day Weekend in Savannah

A time for fireworks, fun and BBQ, Labor Day is right around the corner. And if you plan to be in Savannah, you’re in for a treat. A number of exciting events are taking place all around town in celebration of our hardworking labor force. If you have yet to plan your holiday weekend, here’s some timely assistance.
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5 Ways to Kick Back & Relax in Savannah

Our calendar is full of quirky, little-known holidays, and today is one of them. If you didn’t know already, August 15 is National Relaxation Day, a special day dedicated to a healthy dose of R&R. In Savannah, relaxation is nearly a local pastime, and there are many ways to slow down and unwind around town.
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The 7 Wonders of Savannah

As of now, there are only seven wonders of the world to date. Between historical monuments, natural wonders and beautiful buildings, Savannah has way too many wonders to count! But for the sake of brevity, we’ve put together a list of seven of our favorites. Savannah proudly holds the title of ‘America’s First Planned City’.
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I'm originally from Savannah, GA, but I relocate here and there as military folks often do. I recently married an active duty infantry officer, and I serve in the Reserves as an HR officer as well. Aside from the army life as an army wife, I am totally driven by an affinity for composition. I value the writing craft because it is an essentiality of human communication. I incorporate my appreciation for rhetoric into my professional work and am avidly looking for opportunities that allow me to continue to do so. I have experience in technical editing and proofreading as well as freelance journalism and blogging. My overall goal in all of my efforts is to continue to learn and improve upon myself, and it's happening everyday.

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