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I'm a skilled communicator and a results-driven researcher with an ever-growing curiosity. I've been in digital and print content creation for the last four years, and I've got a diverse body of work to show for it. Writing affords me the invaluable opportunity to meet passionate people, explore interesting places and share little-known stories with the world. I love what I do, and I trust you will too.


RLabs Spurs Economic Opportunity in South Africa

During apartheid, South Africa’s colored (of mixed race) and black populations were socially dislocated to derelict townships. In these less than desirable living conditions, gang violence and drug activity took hold. Many area youth became involved in gang activity, and drug use spread throughout the community.
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Plastic Bank Aims to End Plastic Pollution and Poverty Through Social Plastic

The Ocean Cleanup recently compiled the most thorough body of research to date on a particularly frightening sea monster lurking in the waters between Hawaii and California. That monster, the Great Pacific Garbage Patch, is the largest aggregation of ocean plastic in the world. Spanning twice the size of Texas, this gargantuan garbage mass is comprised of more than 1.8 trillion pieces of plastic, and it is just one of five growing garbage patches in the world.
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Poverty and Peril: How the Media Misrepresents Haiti

In recent years, the typical media portrayal of Haiti has consistently conjured up a static image of a beleaguered nation where visible indicators of natural disaster, political instability and extreme poverty abound. Though this representation is not entirely false, it is incomplete. Haiti is well-deserving of a more fitting image that conveys its dynamism and development.
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What Are the Requirements for Serving in the House?

The House of Representatives is one of two chambers of Congress, which is the legislative branch of the federal government that is tasked with creating and passing national laws. Like the Senate, the House of Representatives was established by the U.S. Constitution. The House first convened in 1789.
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How to Write the President: A Guide for Corresponding Constituents

The President of the United States may seem out of reach to everyday constituents who do not hold any government office. Fortunately, the U.S. democracy is such that essentially anyone can reach the White House. The official website of the president,, makes information for contacting the nation’s highest office readily available.
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One Woman’s Solution to the Trash Crisis in Nigeria

Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country, with more than 180 million residents within its borders. Fortunately, population growth is not the only growth that Nigeria has been experiencing. Over the last decade, Nigeria’s sizable population has gone to work, quite literally. Sustained growth in the finance, communications, technology, entertainment and service sectors led Nigeria to eclipse South Africa as the continent’s largest economy in 2014.
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How Crowdfarming is Optimizing Livestock Production in Ghana

With adequate rainfall, plentiful vegetation and a low pest population, Ghana’s Northern Savannah Ecological Zone is an optimal environment for cattle production. Despite this prime landscape, livestock production in Ghana has remained low. Insufficient or otherwise absent livestock policies, uninformed ranching practices and lack of funding are among the many factors responsible for underperforming livestock production in Ghana.
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Giving Voice to Victims “49 Pulses” Makes its El Paso Debut on Friday

Acclaimed director Charlie Minn is a groundbreaking documentarian whose work focuses on victims of mass violence. Minn has produced 25 films to date, several of which follow murderous events throughout the borderland. Minn launched his career in film in 2009 with A Nightmare in Las Cruces, a much-lauded documentary about the infamous bowling alley massacre.
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Sustainable Agriculture in Burkina Faso Improves Steadily

Burkina Faso is a small, landlocked country located in the Sahel region of West Africa and is home to approximately 20.1 million people, 90 percent of whom rely on subsistence farming. Over the past several decades, rapid population growth has caused farmers to expand their cropland, contributing to the overfarming and overgrazing of much of Burkina Faso’s land.
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Chantel Baul

Chantel Baul is a nomad with a knack for writing and an ever-growing curiosity. She's also a proud Army Officer and an NPR nerd with a deep passion for all things travel, sustainable living and adventure. Check back frequently for her latest work and be sure to connect on social media.



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