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I'm a skilled communicator and a results-driven researcher with an ever-growing curiosity. I've been in digital and print content creation for the last three years, and I've got a diverse body of work to show for it. Writing affords me the invaluable opportunity to meet passionate people, explore interesting places and share little-known stories with the world. I love what I do, and I trust you will too.


Eight is Great: Neon Desert Music Festival Is Back

The wait is over. Neon Desert Music Festival is scheduled to hit Downtown El Paso over Memorial Day weekend on May 27 – 28. Neon Desert is the Southwest’s premier music festival, the roots of which date back to 2009. Over time, local production groups, community organizers and sponsors came together to build up an electrifying music fest in the heart of Chuco Town.
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House Party at Club Here I Love You

Alex and Joe Nava of the Late Night Social Club (promoter/DJ Crew) are shaking up the local music scene once again. Their latest venture, Club Here I Love You, opened its doors on March 27 as a hub for EDM enthusiasts looking for a house to call home. Inspired by venues like The Hacienda, The Sub Club and The Loft, among others, the Navas wanted to create a place that paid homage to the pivotal figures in the spread of underground dance music.
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Historic Highway 28

Highway 28 is an old fashioned, two-lane road that runs from North El Paso to Old Mesilla, New Mexico. Lined with pretty pecan orchards that stretch for miles, Highway 28 offers you the unique opportunity to journey back to a simpler time. As you traverse the winding path, chile farms, wine vineyards, and horse and cattle ranches set on idyllic pastures open up before you.
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Pinup Star Lisa Love’s Homecoming at GARR 2017

El Paso native Lisa Love first broke onto the rockabilly scene back in 2007 when she started entering pinup contests throughout the nation. Compelled by the glitz and glamour of 40s and 50s-era women, Love developed an affinity for vintage clothing, makeup and hair trends. Her remarkable beauty, refined stage presence and impeccable attention to detail made her a predominant figure in the pinup world, earning her a coveted partnership with world-renowned rockabilly pillar Viva Las Vegas, and a revered place among the best models in the industry.
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Sun City Roller Girls To Ram and Jam at Rockabilly Riot

Since 2008, the Sun City Roller Girls have been bringing beauty, brawn, and all-around badassery to the El Paso sports scene. Known for its rough-and-tumble nature, roller derby pretty much eviscerates the stereotype of women as docile and passive. These women are hell on wheels. “You’ll be amazed at the hits that go down,” said league co-founder Teresita Lopez.
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Shots Fired | Acid Pie Returns with Watergun

Borderland band Acid Pie first came on the scene in 2012 with their debut EP It Makes Me Feel Like . . . With their gritty chords, swift percussion, and gripping vocals, the group quickly gained a following in Juarez. Their unabashedly retro-yet-relevant feel earned them a nomination for “Best Garage/Punk Album” at the 2013 Indie-O-Music Awards, as well as a record deal with El Paso’s own Electric Social Records in 2014.
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Laura Turón’s Paradox

In an unassuming warehouse, quite literally off the beaten path in Mesquite, New Mexico, artist Laura Turón works meticulously on her latest project. Turón is known for her signature mark-making work, usually displayed in large-scale, single-plane installations. Her current canvas is a conspicuous dissention—it’s a retired school bus that she scored for a pretty great deal on Craigslist.
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The Murals of Segundo Barrio

El Paso is a bold and diverse metropolitan with a rich, blended history that’s well worth getting to know. History buffs can discover the land’s legacy in Sun City museums, eateries and other attractions, but locals know the most authentic historic encounter is to be had in El Paso’s long-standing communities.
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Chamizal National Memorial

The History of Chamizal National Memorial Chamizal’s rich history dates back to the late fourteenth century when Spanish conquistadors first made contact with the indigenous peoples of the El Paso Del Norte Region, but the focus of this story starts in 1848 with the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo. This historic treaty officially identified the Rio Grande as the line of demarcation between the United States and Mexico, which was problematic for one main reason: substantial flooding altered the course of the grand river, blurring the borderline.
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Historic Highway 28

This piece features copy from multiple writers. I composed the copy for the Historic Highway 28 and Chope's Bar and Café sections at the end.
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Travel the Historic Mission Trail

Mission Trail is a nine-mile stretch across time in El Paso County’s Mission Valley. The historic trail is named for the three missions that date back to the seventeenth and eighteenth centuries: Ysleta Mission, Socorro Mission and San Elizario Chapel, which are the oldest churches in the state of Texas.
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Chantel Baul

I'm originally from Savannah, GA, but I relocate here and there as military folks often do. I recently married an active duty infantry officer, and I serve in the Reserves as an HR officer as well. Aside from the army life as an army wife, I am totally driven by an affinity for composition. I value the writing craft because it is an essentiality of human communication. I incorporate my appreciation for rhetoric into my professional work and am avidly looking for opportunities that allow me to continue to do so. I have experience in technical editing and proofreading as well as freelance journalism and blogging. My overall goal in all of my efforts is to continue to learn and improve upon myself, and it's happening everyday.

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