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I'm a skilled communicator and a results-driven researcher with an ever-growing curiosity. I've been in digital and print content creation for the last four years, and I've got a diverse body of work to show for it. Writing affords me the invaluable opportunity to meet passionate people, explore interesting places and share little-known stories with the world. I love what I do, and I trust you will too.


Outpost Brings Bands and Brands Together to Put El Paso on the Map

One year ago, a conspicuous cuboid building opened on Missouri Ave just off of I-10 West as a convenient rest stop for touring musicians traveling through the southwest. Offering guests a thoughtful curation of healthy snacks, high-quality toiletries and exquisite amenities free-of-charge, Outpost has hosted more than 200 traveling bands since its inception.
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Find Fresh, Local Fare at Gulf Coast Farmers Markets

There’s something inherently holistic about strolling through stands and buying peak-season fruits and vegetables, artisanal breads and locally sourced meats directly from the great people who prepared them. Farmers markets are good places to feel the pulse of a community while supporting it. The Alabama Gulf Coast has some fantastic farmers markets that are well worth a visit during your next stay in Gulf Shores or Orange Beach.
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Sugar-White Sand, Straight from the Appalachian Mountains

The Alabama Gulf Coast boasts an incredible 32-mile stretch of sugar-white sand, attracting millions of visitors to Gulf Shores and Orange Beach every year. Anyone who’s had the opportunity to walk our beautiful beaches knows that the sand is super soft and gives an audible squeak as you sink your toes in.
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Diving Locations in Gulf Shores and Orange Beach

The Alabama Gulf Coast is a prime destination for all things aquatic adventure. The glittering teal waters of the gulf are well suited for a variety of watersports, and people flock to the region every year to take part. Surfing, boating and paddleboarding only scratch the surface – figuratively and literally – when it comes to water play.
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Tybee Island Business Spotlight: Mermaid Cottages

Boasting a comfortable climate, coastal beauty and a close-knit community, Tybee Island is the ideal beach town. This charming isle features five pristine beaches, vast biodiversity and a colorful main strip with great shopping and dining along the way. People flock by the thousands to Tybee every year to experience the magic of this special city, and everyone knows, the best vacation is enjoyed in the comforts of a colorful, quaint home on the coast.
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Your Ultimate Guide to the 2018 Hangout Music Festival

The 2018 Hangout Music Fest is just weeks away, and it’s sure to be bigger and better than ever before. Between May 18 and 20, Gulf Shores will host the best beach bash in the Southeast, complete with incredible art, fun games and a star-studded lineup featuring the biggest names in pop music. Hangout Fest attracts hundreds of beach-loving audiophiles each year, and it’s not too late to get in on the fun.
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What kind of bird is that? Coastal Bird Guide

The Alabama Gulf Coast is a popular destination for visitors throughout the year. The same can be said of our avian counterparts. More than 400 bird species are known to occupy the Gulf Coast throughout the seasons. Now that it’s springtime, you’re sure to see a colorful assortment of beautiful birds in flight throughout coastal skies.
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Of Mice and Sand Dunes: Why we love our Alabama beach mice

If you’ve ever seen a small rodent with big onyx eyes and little pink feet scurrying by during your stay at the beach, then you’ve spotted the Alabama beach mouse. This tiny tawny mouse inhabits beach dunes along the Alabama Gulf Coast, and it’s a vital contributor to the beach ecology. Alabama beach mice keep sand dunes healthy by distributing seeds within them.
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The Magic of May: Why this month is the hidden gem of spring

Spring is in the air. The grass is growing greener, flowers are blooming, and the beach is calling. Now is the time to start planning your warm-weather getaway. While other months may seem like a better fit for your beach adventure, May is the prime month to make your escape. If you’re on the fence, read on for a few convincing reasons to plan your Gulf Coast vacation in May.
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Beach Hack: Cornstarch

Cornstarch is one of the most versatile kitchen staples known to humankind. Cornstarch isn’t just a thickening agent for your favorite soup or sauce. It’s a bug bite treatment, natural cleaner, sunburn soother – my niece even tells me cornstarch is used to replicate acrylic nails at a fraction of the cost!
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Top Seafood Restaurants

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, then you surely know about my affinity for seafood. Really, to describe it as an affinity is putting it lightly. I am absolutely passionate about seafood. Nothing whets my appetite like a steaming plate of seafood favorites. Grouper, crawfish, oysters – I love it all.
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Anglers Guide: Bring your tackle because you are sure to catch a big one at these fishing spots!

If you’re a fishing fanatic like me, you’re always on the lookout for the best fishing holes in any given area. Hands-down, the Gulf Coast boasts some of the best fishing opportunities in the South. I take a personal fishing trip through Gulf Shores and Orange Beach almost every season, and I know just where to go for the big catch.
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Chantel Baul

Chantel Baul is a nomad with a knack for writing and an ever-growing curiosity. She's also a proud Army Officer and an NPR nerd with a deep passion for all things travel, sustainable living and adventure. Check back frequently for her latest work and be sure to connect on social media.



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